Q: Why choose a personalized pet care service over a kennel?
A: Pets are most comfortable in the comfort of their own homes. They know their surroundings, the rooms, the smells, the atmosphere, and staying in the home is best for their physical and mental well-being. Going to a kennel often causes fear, anxiety, and exposure to dangerous diseases such as kennel cough. Keep Fluffy safe. Keep Fluffy happy.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: Fluffy First currently accepts cash and checks (payable to Fluffy First Pet Care).

Q: How do I get updates about my beloved furballs?
A: We send updates and photos via text message to let humans know how their pets are doing.

Q: What if I have multiple pets?
A: We charge based on the amount of time we spend in your home, not how many pets you have. We offer 15-minute visits, 30-minute visits, 60-minute visits, and overnight stays when applicable. See the Services & Rates page for pricing.

Q: Which dog breeds do you accept?
A: We accept all friendly, non-aggressive pets, regardless of breed or species.

Q: Do you charge extra for last-minute calls or cancellations?
A: No. While availability is not guaranteed, we do everything we can to accommodate your (and Fluffy's) needs. However, please try to give us as much advance notice as you can.

Q: Are you available on holidays?
A: We are available year-round, though limited hours may apply on holidays. Please schedule as early as possible. For the following days, a 50% premium applies to all pet-care pricing:

Easter Sunday
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day

Q: Is the same person going to come for all of the visits?
A: Due to availability and scheduling variations, we cannot guarantee the same sitter for every visit. All of our team members are thoroughly vetted, background checked, and experienced in professional pet care. Check the Meet Our Team page to familiarize yourself with all of our competent, caring, compassionate pet care professionals.